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SEO ANALYSIS TOOLS - Mozrank Checker tool!

Moz uses a slightly different algorithm than Google to do website ranking. You can go to and from the SEO tools select Mozrank Checker'. or click Moz Rank Checker. After it runs the test, it will return your website's score.

Moz will tell you the importance and authority of your website. It checks the relevance of links to the website. The more authentic links to the website the better are one part of the score. Page hits to the website are also counted in the score. Traffic generated by the links to your website is another. All these scores are then combined and rated as your MozRank.

The number of high-quality link traffic to your site is the biggest factor in your Mozrank score. Mozrank ranks between 10 and 1. The higher the score, the better is your website ranking. It's easier to improve your ranking from 2 to 3 than from 8 to 9.