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SEO ANALYSIS TOOLS - Page Size Checker tool!

The page size inspector or the website page size checker offered by SEO Analysis Tools is very simple and easy to use. Our website page size checker allows you to check website size online without any trouble. It is a great SEO tool to find out about your website page size. It gives you the valuable information about how big your website is in KB. This website total size checker has been designed exclusively for people who want to know how big is their website and whether they need to work on its size or not.

To use this excellent tool, just enter the given page URL which you want to examine in the text field and click on the button that says “Submit”. Within only a few seconds, results will be displayed to you including the size of the page in KBs.

If you update your website regularly with updated content and media, then it is recommended for you to perform the page size check on a regular basis, using a quality website page size checker. A good page size and fast loading speed not only provides an excellent user experience and lowers the website bounce rate but also enhance the website ranking in search engine results considering that speed factor which is now a part of Google’s top ranking criteria.