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URL Rewriting Tool

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Why Rewrite URLs?

Static URLs are hundred times better than dynamic ones as they are very easy to remember for ultimate users. They are very easy to bookmark. Moreover, they perform better for search engine ranking objectives.

URL Rewriting Tool – Do You Need It?

In order to understand the function of our URL rewriting tool and when do SEOs and website owners utilize it; it’s essential to know in which URL type this convenient tool is needed. If you are a webmaster who has had a website hosted and developed; you possibly don’t have an idea of the kind of website you have.

Two types of websites exist over the internet and are called as ‘dynamic’ and ‘static’ ‘websites. Let’s talk about it and try and understand what the differences between dynamic and static websites are, and where do you need our rewriting tool.

Benefits of Rewriting URLs

  • Static URLs are much easier to remember for end users
  • They are easier to bookmark
  • They perform better in search engines and may improve your search positions