Class C Ip Checker


Class C Ip Checker

Geben Sie bis zu 40 Domains ein (jede Domain muss sich in einer separaten Zeile befinden)

Über Class C Ip Checker

Use this C Class IP Checker tool to determine whether or not selected websites are hosted on the same C Class range. Use this tool to identify site networks or dangerous SEO neighborhood. Include this analysis in your backlink research.

SEO Analysis Tools - Class C Ip Checker Tool

If you have just purchased a hosting service for your website, you will be inquisitive to know which other websites are sharing the same class C IP address. Because it’s most likely that your website has been assigned this class of IP address and that the address is shared with other websites.

You can use a bulk IP checker from Just go to from your search browser and scroll to the ‘Class C IP Checker’ icon and click on it. Or you can copy/paste in the address bar of your search browser.

In the display page, you must enter at least two and a maximum of twenty domain names. After entering the domain names click the ‘Check Now’ button. The utility will run the test and return the results.

In the results, it will display the host names that you had entered, and against each hostname, it will display their IP address, Class C, and the status.

The results will show you the hosts that are sharing the same class C IP address and if the status is ‘valid’ then everything is ok. This duplicate IP address checker is handy to know which other websites are sharing the same IP address.

You can use this nifty tool from anytime to run a class C IP address check anytime.

Besides from this, you can run a bulk IP blacklist checker. You can run this check from some sites on the internet. This test will show if the websites are clean and the tools in use to protect them from viruses, spam, and malware.